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Flushing a Central Heating System

When having a new boiler or central heating system installed it is very important that the pipe work and radiators are flushed out before the boiler is commissioned – this is called: Flushing a Central Heating System.
During the installation process debris and flux will, inevitably end up in the pipe work and if not flushed out can cause harm to your boiler.

The flushing process should be carried out at least twice, one cold flush without the boiler connected and at least one hot flush with boiler connected. The hot flush will loosen up any flux residue, this residue is corrosive and harmful to your boiler. Read More

Boiler replacement VS boiler repair?

This can sometimes be quite daunting when faced with a hefty repair bill or quote to replace your boiler. Some things to consider when looking to replace or repair your boiler: How old is your boiler? The energy-saving trust recommends upgrading your boiler every 15 years on efficiency grounds. The life span for a combi boiler and some heat only boilers is 10 years; before you start to spend mega bucks on parts and repairs, consider how much, if anything that you have spent on it already and whether or not your willing to spend any more on it. Read More

Drain Cleaning

Occasionally discharge pipes and drains get blocked due to various causes such as newspaper or kitchen towels being flushed, fatty build ups and other none flush-able items being put down the W/C. The challenge for the plumber or homeowner / responsible person is to unblock the pipe with the least disruption. Unblocking methods can vary for different circumstances utilising drain rods, plungers and in some cases chemicals.

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Gravity fed hot water system problems

One of the major problems with systems incorporating a gravity fed hot water cylinder is a diminished supply when more than one outlet is open or an outlet furthest away from the cylinder is open.

Possibly if you’ve had an extension built and the hot water pipe has been extended, a branch connection may have been installed in a high section of pipe or it may just be that you have a combined hot water cylinder and cold water storage on the same level as your outlets, most common in flats.

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Central Heating Maintenance

The summer months are an ideal time to carry out preventative central heating maintenance on your central heating system as its mainly not in use. Maintenance such as de-sludging your system, if you have found your radiators to have cold spots or it takes a while for them to heat up you may need to introduce cleaning chemicals or in some cases a powerflush.

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