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Gravity fed hot water system problems

One of the major problems with systems incorporating a gravity fed hot water cylinder is a diminished supply when more than one outlet is open or an outlet furthest away from the cylinder is open.

Possibly if you’ve had an extension built and the hot water pipe has been extended, a branch connection may have been installed in a high section of pipe or it may just be that you have a combined hot water cylinder and cold water storage on the same level as your outlets, most common in flats.

This is due to a loss of  water head when water is flowing as against the static head when water isn’t flowing. This in known as the Hydraulic gradient. Hopefully this diagram will illustrate this.

These issues can be overcome in a couple of ways. If your cold water storage tank can be lifted significantly this will give you more head. An alternative, if the tank can’t be lifted would be a pump and the other alternative would be to have a unvented system installed, this will allow the hot water to be at mains pressure and eliminates the need to store cold water.

Speak to your qualified plumbing and heating engineer about your gravity fed hot water system problems to find what best suits your needs.

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