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Landlords Gas Safety Check, The Procedure

Landlord's Gas Safety CheckA landlords gas safety check is a necessity, for the safety of your tenants, but it shouldn’t be something to be afraid of. For a reasonable yearly cost, you can ensure peace of mind, and stay within the law. Here, we outline all the stages of a gas safety check and tell you exactly what to expect.

A tightness test involves testing all gas appliances (inclusive of pipework, appliances and the meter control) from the gas meter test-point, to ensure there is no gas escape outside of the legal limits. This comprises of;

Let-By Test

This ensures that the meter control is not allowing gas through when it is the off position.

Landlord's Gas Safety Check

Gas Meter

Stabilization Test

After a successful let-by test, the stabilization test is performed. This ensures stabilization of the gauge to maintain an accurate reading.

Tightness Test

The tightness test involves observing the test gauge for a further 2 minutes to make sure there is no drop in pressure outside of the current regulations and there is no apparent smell of gas, which would clearly indicate a leak.

Landlord's Gas Safety Check

U gauge, example of suitable testing equipment.

So, as demonstrated, a landlords gas safety check is a quick and easy procedure, but if you fail in your legal obligations to have one, the penalties can be extremely harsh. So call Fluid Plumbing on 07961 146015 and book yours today!

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