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DIY Plumbing – Slim down that water waste

diy plumbingKnowledge is power, and despite what you may be lead to believe about DIY Plumbing – it’s not as hard as you might think. The main focus of this post is to highlight some key money saving areas for the plumbing DIY plumbing novice/expert at home

Are you aware that you could make significant savings on your yearly water consumption by merely having the washers on dripping taps replaced? You could conserve a staggering 10-15 litres per day (that’s up to 5,500 litres PER YEAR) on any single tap in your household, which if you are on a water meter could not only save you considerable expense, but also be a worthy idea from an ecological viewpoint.

Slim down that water waste

To put things into perspective, your average 5 minute shower consumes approximately 25-35 litres of water, or to wash a bowlful of dishes uses 6-8 litres. Or if you prefer, it’s about a tenth of what your average person uses per day, about 125-150 litres per day. And if you have more than one dripping tap, the costs mount up exponentially. This is where you can really cut-back on your expenses simply by applying some DIY plumbing.

Even business owners can benefit from DIY plumbing

Many households still pay a basic rate for their water, but more and more are being changed over each year and if you maintain your system correctly, a water meter can indeed be a much more efficient and economical way to pay your bills. If you own a large business property however, you will almost certainly be on a water meter and in these cases, money-saving will be of paramount importance, especially in the current economic climate – this is where it will come in real handy to apply a bit of DIY plumbing.

Something you would never had thought of

Another concern is of the risk of a constant drip causing discoloration to your basin, which will incur further expense to replace as these stains are impossible to remove. Therefore if you just observe the smaller things that you would otherwise ignore you can still save money. This doesn’t even require DIY plumbing experience, just a keen eye.

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