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Gas Central Heating Installation – The Facts

central-heating-installationA large factor in many people’s decision between gas and electric heating is purely financial. Not just the initial costs but also the running costs. Now while it is true that there is an cost associated with installing a gas central heating installation into a building without an existing system, the fact remains that electricity currently costs more than 3 times more per kWh (kilowatt hour) than gas, which over time adds up to an exponentially larger cost.

Increased energy efficiency

Gas is also a very efficient fuel so your return on your outlay is good. Modern condenser boilers have a very high rate of efficiency (some as high as 90%) versus electric storage heaters, which lose stored heat. The beauty of a gas central heating installation lies in the facility of control, as heat energy is on-demand and does not dissipate as is the main issue with storage heaters.

Electric (Economy Seven) storage heater.

The installation process, in simple terms.

Gas central heating installation can sound like a daunting process to the uninitiated, but it doesn’t need to be. The initial stage would be a planning meeting with me, where your needs would be discussed as well as required boiler and radiator locations. A projected timescale and schedule of work is also provided in order to keep any disruption to your routine to a minimum. Any water supply interruption would be brief and all construction waste cleared away. The installation would be completed within the allotted time and the process is complete when you are satisfied that you can operate your new gas heating installation.

Central heating controls.

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